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Bespoke Lifestyles

We are consultants in self-direction to mentor and support you to live the life you want.

Bespoke – custom made; individually designed; one-off

Lifestyles – living the life you choose

We are

a specialised consulting service which supports people with disability and their advocates to direct and manage their own lives and to best utilise their funded supports in order for them to lead rich and independent lives in the community.

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We believe

that people with disability and their families and advocates should have the freedom to make their own choices and be involved in all the decision-making processes for their own lives.

We recognise

that people with disability should be supported in the fabric of their neighbourhood and local community to have real connections and relationships and to participate in and contribute to everyday life.

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We support

people to dream and plan and to utilise funding and resources to best support and benefit the person with disability. We encourage people to have big dreams for what is possible, to look beyond traditional disability programs and settings and to look at living a typical life in the community to achieve their aspirations and goals.

We encourage

people to develop a range of lifestyle activities and friendships that are not prescribed or unnaturally restricted to segregated and congregated settings.

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We understand

that there are challenges for people with disability in taking this typical pathway in life and realise that to have full control over their own life involves ongoing work and commitment.

So, it is our goal to mentor each of our participants to develop and implement their unique pathway to a fulfilling life.

We are committed

to each individual having the best life possible and we always ensure that we go the extra mile to encourage, motivate and empower people in their journey of taking control of their own lives.

  • Bespoke Lifestyles are great!

    John Smith

“Self-direction was initially a dream but since I have been self-managing through Bespoke Lifestyles my life has kept improving and has changed far beyond my expectations. I now have employment, my own home, holidays, time with friends… ” PATRICK DILLON