Sarah’s Story

My name is Sarah Bignall and I started self-managing my funds in Oct 2013. It’s totally changed my life. I now have so much flexibility in choosing ‘lifestyle assistants’ who match my personality and I can decide the hours I need not a service provider.

I run my home the way I like, employ my own staff, do my own rostering and pay my staff invoices.

I have found excellent ways for communicating within my team, for example we have a Facebook page where my lifestyle assistants can chat or swap shifts. Since I have started self-managing I have been able to plan for some time away and have been to Sydney twice for a week.

I have gained so much confidence in my life and can make my own decisions about things that are important to me like having a great social life, making friends and generally being young at heart.

“Self-managing is the way to go and I would totally recommend it to everyone. Have a look at some of my photos of my adventures to inspire you. Life is what you make it!!”

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