Teneile’s Story

Our family has been with Bespoke Lifestyles for about 4 years now. My daughter has had an acquired brain injury since age 17 and is now coming up to her 23rd birthday.

After spending nearly 2 years in the hospital system with a serious illness and then the lengthy rehabilitation process, Teneile came home to live with her family, still needing 24 hour care; Self-direction has enabled us to take control of the hiring of a support team to meet all of her individual needs. Bespoke Lifestyles supplied all the information/training needed for us to manage the transition from hospital life to peaceful home living.

Teneile has a fantastic life; her carers are personally chosen and trained by me to meet all of her complex needs in day-to-day life. She enjoys camping holidays, concerts, regular football games to name a few of her favourite things to do with her support workers. They also take her to her essential therapies such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy and various hospital appointments. The flexibility in the shifts is essential for her ever-changing requirements and also suits her support team who also have flexible availability times.

Teneile has had a number of surgeries over the past few years and self-management has made it much easier to organise the care needed while in hospital. Being able to share the workload with the support workers has enabled me to have some wonderful much needed “me time”. I can’t imagine what life for Teneile would have been like so far without the help and guidance that we have received from Bespoke Lifestyles. The prospect of a life in a nursing home for someone so young was unthinkable.

“Teneile has achieved such a high quality lifestyle with help from her support workers, our support circle (family and friends) and many professionals. We could not have achieved all we have without the freedom that self-directing has given us.”