• Millie Brown | Office Junior | Bespoke Lifestyles | NDIS Management | Helping people with disability

    Millie Brown

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles
  • Robbie | Volunteer | Bespoke Lifestyles | NDIS Management | Helping people with disability

    Robbie Mandeville

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Robbie is a young man with disability who has been volunteering at Bespoke Lifestyles for the past few years – helping out by tidying up the kitchen each week. Robbie enjoys keeping busy and helping others.

  • Mike Barwick | Support Coordinator | Bespoke Lifestyles | NDIS Management | Helping people with disability

    Mike Barwick

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Mike has many years’ experience in management positions with small / medium size businesses and has more recently discovered a passion for working within the disability sector. He completed a Graduate Certificate in NDIS studies…

  • Maria Wiltshire

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    An expert in business systems, industrial relations and human resources, Maria is passionate about keeping processes straightforward and effortless so families and individuals can concentrate on building and maintaining a good life…

  • Fiona Kennedy

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Fiona Kennedy combines her legal skills with her passion for disability advocacy by sitting on various boards in the disability sector. Fiona is a Director of Bespoke Lifestyles and Vice President of Queensland Advocacy Incorporated…

  • Dianne Mandeville

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Dianne has previously worked for Mamre with Pave the Way and the Inspirit program. Prior to joining Mamre in 2009, Dianne worked for many years as a secondary school teacher…

  • Bobbie Bright

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Bobbie has worked in the disability sector for over 30 years in both state and commonwealth governments, and non-government services. Her formal work roles have included program and policy analysis, training and staff development…

  • Carol 2015 website

    Carol Holt

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Since graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in Social Work in 1984, she has worked in both non-government and government sectors. She worked in the Department of Disability Services in several areas…

  • Deirdre Phillips

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Deirdre has been part of the team since September 2011 and brings many years of office administration expertise with her. She is new to the disability sector but enjoys working with people, helping where she can and making sure people come first…

  • Paul Wiltshire

    - by Bespoke Lifestyles

    Paul is a Consultant engaged to facilitate, administer and troubleshoot Bespoke Lifestyles’ ‘Sharefile’ and resources systems. Paul’s background is mainly a technical one; firstly as an electrician, then as an hospital engineer…

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