Carol Holt

Carol Holt


Carol is delighted to become a Board Member of Bespoke Lifestyles after leaving the position of consultant.  She wanted to be part of the process that makes decisions about the direction Bespoke Lifestyles will take, especially at this time of great change in the disability sector. Carol has been a passionate advocate for the rights of people with disability all her working life and will bring this perspective to her new role on the Board.

Since graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in Social Work in 1984, she has worked in both non-government and government sectors. She worked in the Department of Disability Services in several areas, with her last job as Senior Resource Officer in Brisbane South region. On leaving government, she branched out as a private consultant where she undertook a variety of projects, including strategic planning, evaluation and reviews of organisations, writing several policies and procedures manuals. For the past 5 years, she has been part of Community Safeguards Coalition (CSC), with the last 3 years as Chairperson, in a voluntary capacity. CSC is not a funded organisation and is made up of a group of people with a disability, family members, advocacy agencies and non-government members who have come together to advocate at a systemic level against policies and practices which negatively affect people with a disability. Her work with Bespoke Lifestyles has reinforced her belief, which was formed long ago, that people thrive in an environment where they participate in society in a purposeful, meaningful way, making their own life choices. This cannot happen in segregated settings.

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