Maria Wiltshire

Maria Wiltshire

Managing Director

Maria is the Managing Director at Bespoke Lifestyles and Made to Measure Services. An expert in business systems, industrial relations and human resources, Maria is passionate about keeping processes straightforward and effortless so families and individuals can concentrate on building and maintaining a good life.

Originally from the UK, Maria built her career beginning with ‘Financial Training’ in London and went onto many major corporations such as Brown and Root and GAC Shipping. Her broad experience meant she has developed her ability to implement and evaluate systems, ensuring the best possible experience for users, management and clients.

Maria brings almost three decades of experience in the Australian Not for Profit sector, having previously held business management positions at an independent school and at Mamre Association Inc. Maria is a founding member and Director of Bespoke Lifestyles and Made to Measure Services. She is a devoted advocate of self-direction and works hard for the rights of families and individuals to have choice, control and the flexibility to engage the services that best suits them.

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