Agency Management

What is NDIS Agency Management?

Agency management (also known as NDIA-managed funding),

is when the NDIA manages your plan for you and pays your providers on your behalf.

What does an agency-managed plan look like?

If you don’t require much flexibility in your funding, agency-managed funding could be the right choice for you.

Managing your funding through the NDIA will also mean you won’t need to look after bookkeeping or financial tracking. However, if you do choose to have your funding managed by the NDIA, you can only use NDIS registered providers.

While we are NOT registered to provide agency managed support outside of Support Coordination and Plan management, we can provide mentoring and support for NDIS participants who choose to manage their funding through the NDIA.

Bespoke Lifestyle services available for agency-managed participants

Coaching & Mentoring

Gain confidence with our coaching and mentoring options.

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Bespoke Lifestyles Subscription

Gain ongoing support and educational resources.

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Other NDIS funding management options

Self Management

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Plan Management

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