Payroll & Bookkeeping

Payroll & Bookkeeping

At Made to Measure Services we provide you with a simple solution so that you can engage your own workers by setting yourself up as the employer.

Our trained experts will collaborate with you and build your capacity and knowledge. We will assist you to manage your dedicated team of workers, without having to go through a service provider or other platforms.

This means that you can focus on the important direction of your staff to enable you to live your life the way you want.

If you are Self or Plan managing your NDIS funds, our services can be claimed from core supports.

Is Made to Measure Services for you?

Do you want more choice to ensure you have the right people supporting you without having to worry about your obligations to manage payroll? You will be provided with the right tools and guided through the process step-by-step.

Are you looking for a lasting employer/employee relationship without having to worry about the processing and reporting to the ATO?

Do your workers want more security in their work and not have the burden of running their own business?

This can be easily achieved and make your NDIS funding stretch further.

If you are finding it difficult to find the right person to support you, we can also assist with our expert recruitment consultant on hand.

Our Services

If the thought of being in charge of your own supports interests you, contact us to see if this could work for you.

Payroll is the one thing that has to be perfect every time. Your workers may be annoyed if they do not receive remuneration for the work they have done. Made to Measure pride themselves with supplying accurate and timely payroll services.

Once the initial work and set up is completed, we take care of the administrative side of paying your workers.

Our services include:

    • Application for registration of Withholding Payer number with the ATO (WPN)
    • Resources and mentoring on managing applicable Awards
    • Agreement templates
    • Continual updating of relevant ATO and Award changes
    • Individually designed template to enable us to process fortnightly pays
    • Fortnightly payroll report
    • Payments made to employees and payslips emailed
    • STP reporting to ATO
    • Monthly/quarterly reporting and payment for PAYG (tax withheld for employees)
    • Quarterly reporting and payment of Super Guarantee
    • End of year finalisation and reporting
    • Ongoing consultation relating to Human Resources, such as assistance to understand relevant Awards, National Employment Standards
    • WorkCover and Insurances






Let’s work together!

Let us customise a practical working partnership with you to reach and fulfil your desires. Made to Measure has registered bookkeeping professionals and has a registered BAS agent.

Contact us today for more information for your individualised Made to Measure payroll design and a quote.