Calling all People with SCI and their Loved Ones in QLD

Calling all People with SCI and their Loved Ones in QLD
November 21, 2017 Bespoke Lifestyles

We have been approached by Spinal Home Help (SHH) to see if we can help spread the word about a very important survey they currently have going on.

They are trying to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and their loved ones. The survey is part of research SHH are conducting in order to

“identify areas where support services can be improved and to see how people and their loved ones are being prepared for their discharge from hospital” (Tava, M 2017)

The survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself. If you are living with SCI or have a family member who is, this survey gives you the opportunity to give your own perspective on an important matter.

Take the survey by following the appropriate button below:

People with SCI Loved Ones


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