Africque T

Africque T
November 20, 2020 Africque Tilley
Personal Details
First Name
Africque T
Locations will travel to
Brisbane Inner Suburbs
Brisbane North
Brisbane South
Brisbane East
Brisbane West
Moreton Bay
Redland Bay
Extra Information

Currently living on the Southside, working with someone nearby would be ideal but I am open to discussing work further away.

Employment Type
Contractor with ABN

I am a 27-year-old female looking to work directly with one or more clients with the goal of providing individualised support. I strongly believe in the importance of creating a trusting relationship with clients. I create this by being transparent, dependable, and open-minded. When I start with a new client I like to take a step back and allow them to guide me through their lives. This gives us both a chance to warm up, get to know each other and then start the process of helping them achieve their goals and hopefully improving their quality of life.

My skills range from my Bachelor of Social Work, to extensive professional development and the privilege of working with clients with a variety of needs in paid or volunteer positions. I love learning about people and am willing to have my comfort zone challenged. I have navigated a lot of complex behavioural disorders or responses and am able to separate the behaviours from the person – knowing that something deeper lays underneath to cause this response.

I’m pretty flexible with day-to-day requirements. If one day is sitting on the couch, watching movies, staying in pyjamas then I’ll happily sit down and refill the popcorn jar. In saying that, I’m also happy to get to work, plan an adventure, pack the car and set off for an hour or the whole day. I value that the needs of the client may change day to day, hour to hour, or even minute to minute. I endeavour to show my clients that they can be honest with me about their wants for the day, and that I only care about what will make them happy.

Availability Details

I am currently available to support clients Tuesday and Wednesday. I currently am not offering overnight or 24 hour support but am open to discussions. I’m very flexible with my availability. If I have any upcoming appointments or any personal business, I will give as much notice as possible. Being called into work is something I am happy to do, I just need a little notice. A general fortnightly roster will help me make sure that I am available to suit your needs.

Experience / Exposure to Disability
Disability Support
Disability Support Adult
Disability Support Child
Intellectual Disability
Vision Impairment
Multiple Sclerosis
Down Syndrome
Disability Support other

I also have experience with Cri du chat syndrome, and Dementia.

Mental Health
Mental Health Other

I also have experience with PTSD, Cyclothymia, ADHD, and Substance/Medication induced disorders.

Support Areas
Around the House
Domestic Assistance
Meal Preparation
In the Community
Recreational Activities in the community
Shopping and Errands
Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Water Sports
One to One Support
Personal Care
Social Companionship
Grooming (hair, makeup etc...)
Skill Development (travel, routines, adaptive communication)
Additional Information
Specialist Skills
Specialist Skills Other

I am a qualified Social Worker.

Requirements for Employment / Engagement
Blue Card
Criminal History Screen
First Aid
Current CPR
Own Car
Relevant Insurance
Happy to work with pets including therapy dogs
Happy to use own vehicle while travelling in the community
Sense of Humour
Great Listener
Problem Solver
Hobbies Interests and Passions

I always find these sections a little tricky to write about! Outside of work I’m a pretty low-maintenance person. I love to spend time at home, relaxing with my many animals (Yes, I have videos and photos ready for you to see), watching something good on TV while playing on my Nintendo Switch. I love shopping, reading, sight-seeing, visiting friends and/or family, planning adventures, and so much more. I can come across as a quiet person when I first meet people but once I’ve warmed up I’m a chatterbox. I’m terrible at sport and anything fitness related but I’m more than happy to support others and cheer from the sideline. I love listening and supporting my loved ones – I have siblings reaching major milestones right now and it’s such a pleasure to help them go into the next stages of their life.

Recent Career History

Disability Support Worker – Wesbro Services (May 2020-Current)
Working with Wesbro Services has allowed me to support vulnerable individuals aged between 13 and 70 who identify as female or male. Service is delivered through an individual’s NDIS package or a respite placement. My position provides support both in-home or in the community with the goal of empowerment, enhanced quality of life, and skill development. My role is to provide emotional, developmental and physical support to individuals based on their needs, including open-minded and non-judgemental engagement.

Disability Support Worker – Sole Trader (September 2019-July 2020)
Working as an independent Support Worker allowed me to engage with NDIS eligible individuals. In this role I provided in-home and community support to individuals and their families. I worked with females and male identified individuals aged between 17 and 41, with a variety of physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities. Some aspects of the role included physical, emotional and developmental support, as well as transport, community engagement and financial assistance. A large part of the role was the ability to manage a crisis and ensure the safety of all involved.

Child Safety Officer – Department of Communities, Child Safety Disability Services (August 2016-January 2017)
Working with the Department of Child Safety as an Intervention with Parental Agreement worker has enhanced my skills as a frontline practitioner who is able to assess and respond calmly to crisis work. It is my responsibility to respond to and assess ongoing risk within the family home to decide the appropriate level of statutory intervention and allow the best outcome for the child/ren and families. This position was ceased as it was contract work.

Receptionist – Micah Projects (2013-2016)
Micah Projects is an organization that aims to prevent and end homelessness while ensuring the immediate needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness are met and their rights protected. In my role I work with the Street to Home Team after-hours answering phone calls and coordinating immediate needs such as transport, health and crisis accommodation.


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