Kimberley R

Kimberley R
January 6, 2021 Kimberley
Personal Details
First Name
Kimberley R
Locations will travel to
Brisbane Inner Suburbs
Brisbane South
Brisbane East
Employment Type
Contractor with ABN

I am a young person with a strong commitment to social justice and have volunteered in a range of community events and programs for a number of years with a range of organisations. I am currently studying Engineering and Business and enjoy studying in the STEM field, especially the problem solving aspect.

I am looking to work directly with one or more clients with the goal of providing individualised support. I believe in creating a trusting relationship with clients, by striving to be open-minded and having a high regard for honesty. I would love to allow new clients to guide me through their lives and show me how I can support them most. This helps me understand how I can help them achieve their goals and hopefully improve their quality of life as well as get to know them.

Growing up through Girl Guides and making friends from a range of backgrounds has shown me how unfair and inaccessible the world can be for so many, and as much as I know I can’t change the world, I would love to be able to help make it more accessible and support where I can. My love for social justice has been nurtured from a young age, and now I am in a position to be able to help in a practical way, I don’t think I could imagine a more rewarding form of work.

I love listening to people’s stories and learning at every opportunity I can find so would always be up for a chat as you never know what you may learn! I’m pretty flexible with day-to-day requirements though. If one day is sitting on the couch, watching movies, then I’ll happily sit down and ensure there are snack refills. In saying that, I’m also happy to get to work, plan an adventure, pack the car and set off for an hour or the whole day. I value that the needs of the client can change rapidly. I endeavour to show my clients that they can be honest with me about their wants for the day, and that I only care about what will make them happy and most comfortable.

Availability Details

I am currently available to support clients Monday-Sunday. But, as I am still studying at University, hours will need to be flexible during exam blocks and some study periods. I currently am not offering 24 hour support but am open to discussions. I’m very flexible with my availability, but there will be a commitment to a study timetable that I will need to be able to work around. If I have any upcoming appointments or commitments, I will give as much notice as possible. Being called into work is something I am happy to do, I just need a little notice. A general fortnightly or weekly roster will help me make sure that I am available to suit your needs.

Experience / Exposure to Disability
Disability Support
Disability Support Child
Cerebral Palsy
Vision Impairment
Disability Support other

I also have experience in hearing impairments and some non-verbal, as well as Non-epileptic seizures (FND).
Although, most of my experience comes from supporting children and young adults and although I haven’t had a lot of experience in supporting adults, I would be willing to do so.

Mental Health
Mental Health Other

I have experience with ADHD mainly in youth.

Support Areas
Around the House
Domestic Assistance
Meal Preparation
In the Community
Recreational Activities in the community
Shopping and Errands
Keeping Fit - going to the gym
Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Water Sports
One to One Support
Personal Care
Social Companionship
Grooming (hair, makeup etc...)
Hoists and Transfers
Personal Assistant
Computer and IT Support
Team Management
Additional Information
Specialist Skills
Auslan Sign Language
Specialist Skills Other

Limited and very basic Auslan Sign Language, basic Japanese language

Requirements for Employment / Engagement
Blue Card
Criminal History Screen
First Aid
Current CPR
Own Car
Relevant Insurance
Happy to work with pets including therapy dogs
Happy to use own vehicle while travelling in the community
Great Listener
Problem Solver
Hobbies Interests and Passions

I have a passion for the outdoors and spend lots of time kayaking, abseiling and camping, especially with the Guide Unit I run which assists girls to get into the outdoors, develop life skills and self-confidence. Growing up through Guides has also instilled a passion to serve my community and those around me. Guides gave me the opportunity to go to Agoonoree and help kids with disability take part in typical Guiding and Scouting camping activities and encouraged me to think about working in the disability sector to help other individuals achieve their goals. When I am not adventuring I am also studying a double degree in engineering and business at QUT.
I love reading, watching TED talks, sight-seeing, visiting friends and/or family, planning adventures, and so much more. I can come across as a quiet person when I first meet people but once I’ve warmed up I’m a chatterbox who is always up for an interesting story.

Recent Career History

September 2018; Ranger support career assisting youths with disability to complete typical camping activities such as swimming and water play, abseiling, and recreational games. This involved looking after them and whatever individual needs the guests had, ranging from assisting with toileting, feeding, clothing and grooming to social companionship. This was a volunteer role.

I have supported a long term friend over a number of years with Cerebral Palsy, this included toileting, feeding, and assisting with dressing. She relied on an electric wheelchair as had spastic quadriplegia so I also supported her in accessing the community for shopping and recreation.

I have also supported a long term friend for the past 14 years, as we grew up together, access schooling and the community. Her diagnoses included ASD/Asperger’s, Anxiety, and in more recent years NES. When she started having seizures, in recent years, it was a quick learning curve in how to support her at school, on camp and in all aspects of daily life when I was around her.


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