Miles H

Miles H
January 14, 2020 Miles Harrington
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Miles H
Northern NSW
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Gold Coast
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Contractor with ABN

I have been working in the fitness industry since 2001. I received my diploma in South Australia, and then returned to London in the U.K. to pursue my career in the Finance Sector.

After a decade working as a Fitness Manager and a Freelance Personal Trainer, I was recruited by a Private Fitness Interest to develop an original training methodology, with the aim of keeping pace with the rapid developments in Sports Sciences and the expanding industry at large.

This was the most enjoyable period of my career to date, as it allowed me to be creative and broaden my knowledge base to incorporate prehabilitation and rehabilitation into a training methodology that could be offered to clients of all ages, fitness levels, and ranges of abilities.

It was during this tenure that I first began training individuals with disabilities, pushing me to increase my understanding and comprehension of the effect those disabilities had on both the Psychological and Physiological strains of exercise.

I found that my compassionate personality and open-minded ethos was an invaluable attribute throughout this process. I believe joy and laughter are paramount to achieving all fitness goals; if you are happy, then your body and mind are relaxed, and thus, far more malleable for all forms of bodywork.

My ideal role is one in which I can offer support to those with disabilities who would benefit from my experience with Cardio-Vascular and Resistance Training, as well as Flexibility, Myofacial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy, while also lending Psychological and Emotional support where needed.

It is my job to make you smile, and in all honesty my pleasure to succeed. I have always attracted clients who required more than just a Trainer, clients who needed that Personal connection that would allow them to relax completely. Someone with whom they could talk about anything and everything.

Luckily, outside of work, I have lived an interesting life, my Dad was a Racing Driver & Engineer, and my Mum was a Restauranteur & Disc Jockey, so childhood was a mile-a-minute, and then in my late-teens and twenties I toured Europe with a band as a Backing Vocalist and Lyricist, before graduating to Screen-Writing.

It was during this time on the road that I transformed a love for Sports in to my passion for Fitness and Psychology, and after which, I began to dive deeper into the study of Biomechanics & Nutrition.

While working in London I met my wife, Samara, a New Zealand born Actor & Positive Psychologist, and after 10 years together we decided to return to Australia, to be closer to her family, and to start one of our own.

So, I am now the jubilant Father of our 3-year-old Son, Atlas, and our 5-month-old Daughter, Auriella, living in northern NSW, where we do everything we can to have fun, to explore, and to promote happiness in ourselves and those around us. We believe compassion is the key to authenticity, and that you get back what you give out.

We get a lot of smiles, hugs, and laughter, as well as the peace of mind they afford.

I hope that I can help yourself and your loved ones to find that too.

Availability Details

Would prefer only alternate Saturdays.

Experience / Exposure to Disability
Disability Support
Vision Impairment
Spinal Injury
Disability Support other

Congenital limb disabilities / partial paralysis

Mental Health
Support Areas
Around the House
Domestic Assistance
In the Community
Recreational Activities in the community
Keeping Fit - going to the gym
One to One Support
Personal Care
Social Companionship
Continence Management
PEG Feeding
Hoists and Transfers
Therapy Support - OT, Speech, Physio
Skill Development (travel, routines, adaptive communication)
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Specialist Skills
Exercise Physiology
Personal Trainer
Diet and Nutrition
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Own Car
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Blue Card
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First Aid
Current CPR
Happy to work with pets including therapy dogs
Happy to use own vehicle while travelling in the community
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Cert IV Personal Trainer

Sense of Humour
Great Listener
Problem Solver
Hobbies Interests and Passions

I am an avid writer, reader, and cinephile, and I love music & dancing, as well as nature and the ocean.

All of these interests can be enjoyed quite easily in a single day, so I endeavour to pursue them as often as possible with my wife, Samara, and our two young children, Atlas & Auriella.

When left to my own devices, I am just developing my skill set in Photography and Editing, and I am fascinated by emerging Sciences, especially those that merge and draw from Eastern & Western Philosophies.

Recent Career History

Date: Jan 2018 – Present – Position: Paternity Leave
Description: Raising my two beautiful babies.

Date: Nov 2016 – Jan 2018 – Position: Personal Trainer/Assistant Manager Energex/Healthstream
Description: One-to-One Fitness Training & General Managerial Duties

Date: May 2010 – June 2016 – Position: Head of Fitness – Lomax Bespoke Health (London) / Freelance Personal Trainer (Australia)
Description: Design & Implementation of original Training Systems / Management of Fitness Staff.