Sarah H

Sarah H
September 8, 2020 Sarah Hickson
Personal Details
First Name
Sarah H
Locations will travel to
Brisbane Inner Suburbs
Brisbane North
Brisbane South
Brisbane East
Brisbane West
Redland Bay
Employment Type
Contractor with ABN

I am passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals and families of children with special needs and with mental health challenges. During my time as a disability support worker and participating in early intervention programs with children with autism spectrum disorder, I developed a deep understanding of the complexities that often lie within the world of disability and how they can challenge the individual but also the family as a whole, often taking its toll physically, mentally and emotionally. I also observed how strongly all of these factors could impact the food relationship and eating behaviour. As such, I take a strong holistic, hands on approach in working with young people (and their families) affected by the challenges of restricted eating or food aversion.

First and foremost, I strive to establish rapport and connection with my clients and then, within the safety of the established therapeutic relationship, I join with her clients in exploring food in a safe, non-intrusive, creative and fun way through play, cooking, and sensory engagement. With my adult clients, I am creative in my approach and sessions may include cooking together, exploring mindful eating and gentle walks in nature.

A keen cook and recipe developer, through a personalised, in home service, I also love to help others develop their confidence and independence by teaching them how to plan for, cook and prepare delicious, balanced meals around their personal health goals, abilities and schedule, while also teaching my clients and their families nutrition basics and how they can nourish their own wellbeing. Clients can choose from a range of my nutritious recipes and each cooking session will engage learning, curiosity and creativity to inspire healthy eating. Meal planning and shopping trips can also be incorporated into these sessions for skill building. I also enjoy teaching other support workers how to cook and prepare healthy meals for their client to support their long term health and needs.

Experience / Exposure to Disability
Disability Support
Disability Support Adult
Disability Support Child
Cerebral Palsy
Intellectual Disability
Vision Impairment
Down Syndrome
Spinal Injury
Mental Health
Support Areas
Around the House
Meal Preparation
In the Community
Recreational Activities in the community
Shopping and Errands
Keeping Fit - going to the gym
Art Therapy
Water Sports
One to One Support
Skill Development (travel, routines, adaptive communication)
Additional Information
Specialist Skills
Diet and Nutrition
Complex Behaviour
Requirements for Employment / Engagement
Blue Card
Criminal History Screen
First Aid
Current CPR
Own Car
Relevant Insurance
Happy to work with pets including therapy dogs
Happy to use own vehicle while travelling in the community
Qualifications Other

Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Children, Youth and Families), Certificate IV in Massage (Relaxation)

Sense of Humour
Great Listener
Problem Solver
Hobbies Interests and Passions

I love to cook and create healthy recipes that I can use to support my clients’ needs. I love music, exercise, listening to music, reading and learning about new things, travelling and camping, spending time with my husband and four children, spending time with family and with friends and being in nature.

Recent Career History

2014- Current Nutritionist, Massage Therapist and Support Worker – Self employed
2016-2019 Disability Support Worker – Mamre Association
2016-2017 Customer Service Representative – Fundies Wholefoods and Nutritionist
2015-2016 Supervisor and Nutritionist – Health Food Thyme
2012-2015 Supervisor and Nutritionist – Great Earth
2010-2012 Food and Beverage Attendant – Sebel Heritage
2008-2010 Customer Relations Representative – Melaleuca
2007-2008 Customer Service Representative – Melaleuca

Community Engagement

Current Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia
2018-2019 Ruby and Ollies All Abilities Childcare
2017 Youth Mentor, YMCA
2015 Cure for MND Foundation
2013-2015 Childhood Autism Services

Employment Details

Current Nutritionist, Massage Therapist and Support Worker
Self-employed, Brisbane

• Providing holistic client care to young people and building therapeutic
relationships through a person-centred approach
• Researching and developing goals-focused personalised health/lifestyle plans to
support the client’s nutritional health and overall wellbeing
• Teaching food literacy, cooking skills and safety in the kitchen
• Scheduling and following up on appointments, organising payment plans and billing
• Managing office administration and processes
• Marketing, advertising and providing education on nutritional health via social media
• Website development and blog writing
• Collaborating with other therapists and assisting in case management to
support the client’s full potential

2017-19 Disability Support Worker
Mamre Association, Inc

• Providing assistance to help young clients perform important daily activities
• Facilitating personal hygiene and dressing tasks
• Performing home based tasks including food preparation and housework
• Undertaking tasks outside of home including shopping
• Providing emotional support and friendship to the client and their families
• Supporting the autonomy of each client and facilitating their connection to
their local community
• Implementing therapeutic homework tasks from varied therapies to
support the client’s growth and development
• Assisting in case management to support the client’s full potential

Customer Service Representative and Nutritionist
Fundies Wholefoods, Paddington, QLD

• Provide reliable and trusted nutritional advice and information to clients and customers
• Provide customer and client sales and service
• Manage inbound and outbound wholesale daily operations
• Develop key client business relationships
• Build customer loyalty through providing exceptional service
• Manage day to day administration and processes
• Manage client/customer enquiries and concerns
• Supervise and train new staff
• Contribute to safe work processes

2015-16 Supervisor and Nutritionist
Health Food Thyme, Croydon North, VIC

• Supervise, coordinate and implement staff policies and processes
• Provide support, training and coaching to staff
• Induct new staff
• Coordinate and manage the delivery of inbound and outbound products
• Regularly consult with and advise the management group on daily operations
and management activities
• End to end management of customer and client concerns
• Coordinate and implement staff development programs and training programs
• Focus on building on proactive and positive workspace culture
• Provide reliable and trusted nutritional advice and information to clients and
• Contribute to safe work practices