Tom M
February 4, 2021 Tom Montoya
Personal Details
First Name
Tom M
Spring Hill
Locations will travel to
Brisbane Inner Suburbs
Brisbane North
Brisbane South
Brisbane East
Brisbane West
Moreton Bay
Redland Bay
Gold Coast
Employment Type
Contractor with ABN

Hello. I will explain myself here and how I can be of support.
I am a male in my late 30’s.
I am a Latino from South America.
Real and kind. Sometimes I laugh a lot, sometimes I can be very silent like a cat.
I don’t enjoy faking happiness too much, I prefer being true. I am happy most of the time.

My strength is enjoying and focusing on activities with the hands like crafts and art stuff.
I like nature, I like the plants and animals, so I visit the zoo or looking at the birds in the park is my thing. I can share some good time with planting and learning about the types of flowers, the leaves and their textures. I like the red plants mostly and the shape of cactus. Parrots are my favourite animals because they have conversations with the other birds.
Exercise is good too! Bikes, yes! Rollerblades, yes! Swimming yes! If you have other ideas maybe, yes! I don’t like heights too much, so I don’t do skydiving.

I have experience with emotions, and I can provide support to understand how to be with emotions and live with them in different situations and that can make it easier to complete the things to do everyday.

If you like dancing and practicing theatre I love it and I can give some good tips. I also like going to the theatre a lot, and I like musicals.

I can be a support to complete house tasks that need an extra hand, such as cleaning or meals, or maybe fixing things that get broken, or going to Bunnings to get new furniture because the old one is broken or ugly.

This is my professional profile: As a teacher and a creative professional, I am open and enthusiastic to empower individuals with the use of integral arts and crafts as a medium. My aim is to become a well experienced social and support worker specializing in ASD young adults, developmental disabilities and mental health.
I enjoy managing events, planning strategies, activities and workshops to help assist individuals in creating habits and confidence on understanding one’s own way of experiencing reality, diversity and self reliance. I love providing people with meaningful experiences that fill them with wonder, connection, learning and joy.

Availability Details

Feel free to ask me about the specific needs for time availability and I will answer.

Experience / Exposure to Disability
Disability Support
Disability Support Adult
Cerebral Palsy
Intellectual Disability
Vision Impairment
Down Syndrome
Disability Support other


Mental Health
Mental Health Other

Borderline BPD

Support Areas
Around the House
Domestic Assistance
Meal Preparation
Gardening and Yard Maintenance
In the Community
Recreational Activities in the community
Shopping and Errands
Keeping Fit - going to the gym
Art Therapy
In the Community Other

Theatre/ Acting/ Body/ Emotions.
Arts and crafts.
If you like activities that involve using the creativity and the hands such as pottery, beading, weaving, sewing, etc.
Looking at nature, connecting to flowers, animals, and outdoors.

– Strategic planning,
– Management.
– Teaching methodologies for organizations and projects.

One to One Support
Personal Care
Social Companionship
Skill Development (travel, routines, adaptive communication)
Personal Assistant
Team Management
Administration Other

– Strategic planning,
– Management.
– Teaching methodologies for organizations and projects.
– Strategic improvement.
– Project outlines.
– Brand and business design.

Additional Information
Specialist Skills
Education (adult)
Complex Behaviour
Art Therapy
Specialist Skills Other

Emotional support/ Theatre.

Requirements for Employment / Engagement
Blue Card
Criminal History Screen
First Aid
Own Car
Happy to work with pets including therapy dogs
Happy to use own vehicle while travelling in the community
Cert IV Disability Support
Qualifications Other


Sense of Humour
Great Listener
Problem Solver
Hobbies Interests and Passions

Caring for plants.
Creating decorations for home.
Caring for friends and their everyday problems.
Going to the theatre or searching for interesting information related to it.
Sleeping. I love sleeping.
Going to the beach. I love the freshness of water.

Recent Career History

Volunteer. The ORCA Project. Wesley Mission QLD. 2021- Current
– Assist staff members and workplace trainers in their activities.
– Support participants during training and work experience activities.

President of management committee. Organizational leader. OFB AUSTRALIA. Olla Franca. Brisbane, Australia. 2020- Current
– Plan and coordinate strategies to achieve not- for- profit plan, mission and values.
– Manage, delegate and monitor events to achieve successful experiences.
– Brand concept and design.

CALD Volunteer participant. QUAC. Come Prep’d campaigns. Brisbane, Australia . 2018-2019
– Assist focus group activities to provide insights.
– Participate as a model on the Come Prep’d Campaign to promote sexual health.
– Attend HCQ 2019 as panellist for QUAC story: “ The power of consumer voices”.

Bar staff. Griffith Conservatory. Brisbane, Australia 2018-2020
Cleaner. Quay Clean. Brisbane, Australia 2018-2021
Mover. Gardener. Cook. (Many everyday jobs in Australia!)

Leader and facilitator. Theatre lab. for communities. “Violence and gender”. FUDEHU. Colombia.2017
Choreographer. Art therapy lab. for communities. “Women and violence” Bogota Council. Colombia. 2016
Teacher. Movement and expression workshop. National University. Colombia2016
Language Teacher. Smart Institute. Learn English Institute. Colombia 2012-2014

Creative director. La Coquito. Fashion and accessories 2009-2013


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