Frequently Asked

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What is the difference between self-direction and self-management?

We define ‘Self-Direction’ as the overall decision-making in someone’s life. If someone is self-directing, they would routinely be making the vast majority of key decisions so that they consider themselves to be fully in control of the support they receive.

We define ‘Self-Management’ as being responsible for the day-to-day management and administration involved in funded support.

What would be involved in self-management?

This involves yearly planning and accountability procedures; organising appropriate insurances and following workplace safety guidelines and the recruitment, remuneration and management of staff.

What if I don’t have the time to do it all myself?

People working through Bespoke Lifestyles are all self-directing but some people decide to outsource some of the day-to-day management such as recruitment or payroll.

Does Bespoke Lifestyles employ support workers?

Bespoke Lifestyles does not employ support workers but consultants can work with people to help them recruit suitable workers.

How will I find support workers?

Many people find workers by word of mouth through their own networks and community. Others advertise via the internet or in the paper and some use recruitment agencies.

Does Bespoke Lifestyles have a recommended professional insurance provider for support workers?

Bespoke Lifestyles has a partnership with BizCover for Disability Support Worker professional insurance packages at a discounted rate.

BizCover offers a tailored insurance package from DUAL Australia to meet the needs of disability support workers.

To obtain your combined liability package:

  1. Go to https://www.bizcover.com.au/bespokelifestyles
  2. Enter ‘Disability or Aged Care Services’ as your occupation.
  3. Enter the code BSPOKE in the partner code field during checkout.
  4. Select DUAL Australia policy.

For more details, download this flyer “BizCover Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance for Workers“.

Do workers need to have a criminal history check?

Yes, all workers are required to have current criminal history screening.

What happens if workers can’t work at the last minute?

It is a good idea to have back up plans in place ahead of time for this situation. Some people have workers who have organised to contact each other to fill in shifts. There are also employment agencies available which can provide casual staff.

How do I pay workers?

  1. People working through Bespoke Lifestyles can become employers and pay their workers under the PAYG withholding system where they withhold tax from their employees, forward this tax to the ATO, provide payslips and end of year group certificates.
  2. People can engage contractors who would provide an invoice for their hours worked. These workers are then responsible for their own tax.
  3. People can use an agency to provide workers. The agency would then submit an invoice for this service.

Payroll can also be outsourced if people wish.

Do I have to have an ABN to employ workers?

No.  You can register to become an employer with the tax office through your tax file number. You will be issued with a Withholding Payer Number (WPN).

Who will take over if for some reason I can no longer manage to find and engage workers?

People working through Bespoke Lifestyles need to find someone from within their informal network of support who understands the concept of self-direction/management and who is willing to take over this role for them if necessary. Bespoke Lifestyles requires the contact details of this person/s.

Will I be given some support when I first start self-directing/managing my funding?

Yes you will be supported both initially and in an ongoing way. We offer workshops, individual consultancy and resources.