Get value from your Allied Health Cancellation

Get value from your Allied Health Cancellation
August 30, 2022 Bespoke Staff

Short notice cancellations for service appointments are now 7 days. This means that a provider can charge a cancellation fee and claim up to 100% of the agreed service cost.

As we all know, things can happen last minute, and people get sick without any notice which can be almost impossible to provide 7 days’ notice.

Mike’s Top Tip:

If you have to cancel an allied health appointment within your provider’s agreed period, they are still entitled to charge you. Why not still get value from your $200 and ask them to use your appointment time to provide the following:

  • Write a progress report that can be used to develop the end-of-plan report
  • Write up storyboards
  • Devise a weekly plan for support workers to ensure therapy continues throughout the week
  • Ask them to suggest what they could do to provide value for the time you couldn’t attend

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