Introducing Made To Measure

Introducing Made To Measure
November 5, 2019 Bespoke Lifestyles

Made To Measure is a company dedicated to supporting caregivers and self-supported individuals, aiding those who opt to self-manage their NDIS funding. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is run by the Australian Government and provides funds for the costs associated with a range of disabilities in a bid to promote and protect human rights for all Australians.

There are three separate ways in which someone may distribute their NDIS funds: Self-Directed (including Agency and Plan Managed) or Self-Managed. Self-Directed refers to those people who have their funds directed to support sources on their behalf. Self-Managed refers to the individuals who manage their funding themselves. That’s where we come in.

Those who receive self-managed NDIS funds have much more flexibility and autonomy within their lives and so, at Made To Measure, we believe that it’s vital to support and encourage this lifestyle where possible. These NDIS receivers have the power to decide which services and kinds of support will benefit them and their needs most, then allocate their funds as they see fit. You may even have the freedom to hire your own staff, practitioners, therapists etc. The self-management plan has been proven to:

  • Encourage social connections and relationships
  • Improve the mental wellbeing of the individual
  • Increase economic and community involvement

At Made To Measure, we are committed to making a difference by supporting the self-managed individuals, their family members or their caregivers. We believe that the focus should be on delivering a high quality of life to each individual by allowing you to spend your energy on those aspects of life that are important to you and your loved ones, rather than exhausting your time and effort on complicated life admin tasks and financial organisation.

Made to Measure offers the following support and advisory services to both boutique providers and individuals who choose to self-manage their government or private disability funding:

  • Payroll services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Administration
  • Legal paperwork
  • General paperwork and claiming
  • Assistance in understanding the logistics, benefits, pitfalls and legalities of Self-Managing

Many recipients of the NDIS would rather opt for Self-Management, but they are often overwhelmed or intimidated by various factors such as:

  • Feeling that their finance and/or accounting skills aren’t up to scratch
  • Fear that they will be unable to organise their bank statements and receipts
  • Fear that they will not be capable of managing a multifaceted plan alone
  • Not having a caregiver or family member to provide them with assistance
  • Not having free time

Made To Measure can help to eliminate these fears as we ease the burden and pressure by assisting with a wide range of tasks.

Made To Measure has recently been acquired by Bespoke Lifestyles due to the fact that we are both dedicated to our mission of enabling those who have a disability, to live fulfilling lives. Both Made To Measure and Bespoke Lifestyles will passionately be working in tandem, increasing the level and variety of services we can provide to NDIS participants and providing a complete solution. If you would like to gain access to our amazing resources, helpful content and our wide range of support staff, become a subscriber today!

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