Participant Testimonial

Participant Testimonial
May 4, 2016 Bespoke Lifestyles

I have re-read my comments on the feedback sheet for the first workshops held late 2010. It all seems a long time ago and we have learnt so much since then. The value of the workshops was that everything was relevant and the information was specific. Probably most people, if they don’t have a business background find employing and paying workers quite daunting, but the information was concrete and easy to understand. The fact that the information was together and accessible saved lots of time – we can refer back to the workshops to remind ourselves of something we’re not sure about.

One question from the original feedback sheet was did we gain enough understanding to be confident in family governance. I guess the proof is there to see, we are up and running and not making too many mistakes.

I still appreciate being able to ask something and receive a response quickly from you. It was reassuring that the team is there and providing support for the families.


Bespoke Lifestyles’ Participant

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