Scam Alerts – Don’t Get Caught Out

Scam Alerts – Don’t Get Caught Out
August 30, 2022 Bespoke Staff

Scam Alerts – Don’t Get Caught Out

According to ACCC Scamwatch, Scams robbed Australians of more than $ 2 billion last year!

To make sure you don’t get caught out, be wary of emails, phone calls and text messages claiming to be from the ATO, MyGov, Banks, Phone Companies, Internet Providers, and Online Shopping Organisations. Especially if they require you to provide any of your information.

How to protect against scams

Phone Calls – If you are suspicious of the caller’s intention, ask for the caller’s name and tell them you’re not comfortable to discuss your details right now and that you will call the organisation directly to confirm what they are saying. They will often hang up.

Emails and Texts can include links to a fraudulent website or ask you for personal information. Do not click on links within emails from an address you do not recognise. Do not reply or engage with them. You can screen shot and report the scam straight to the institution or delete them straight away.

Threat and penalty scams – These are very popular and intimidating when the scammer uses threats of penalty. If you are engaged with the organisation they claim to be calling or emailing from, contact that organisation directly or google the name of the organisation + latest scams. i.e. Vodafone latest scams, Westpac latest scams. Very often the organization will have a dedicated security page on their website alerting you to any current scams using their name.

Recent Scams:

  • myGov tax return scam
  • myGov refund email scam
  • Text message scam for free Covid-19 test kit
  • myGov accounts suspension text message scam
  • Centrelink impersonation scam calls
  • ATO – tax refund SMS
  • ATO – tax lodgement email scam

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