Participant Testimonial

Participant Testimonial
May 15, 2016 Bespoke Lifestyles

“If you wish things to change, often it is just a matter of making a start and taking small steps to get to where you ultimately wish to be.

Our long term vision was for our son to live in his own place – we started this process 10 years ago and took one step at a time. Firstly, we used one-on- one support to mentor him in the domestic skills of cooking and cleaning in our home. He actually really enjoyed this and the feeling that he was being a contributing member of the family. We then took the big step of the whole family moving to a house where there was an area on a lower level that we could convert into a self-contained area for him to see how he coped with more independent living. This was going to be a 5 year plan but within a couple of years, we realised that he was ready for the next step of moving into his own place. I bought a unit (with a mortgage) and he moved in two years ago. He is able to get Centrelink rental assistance and the rent that he pays, covers the mortgage and body corp fees. He still needs 24/7 support but he is doing remarkably well and is continually learning and developing. He is now also a well-known member of his local community.

Having the long term vision and then just doing things one step at a time to achieve our goals, has resulted in a very big change for my son and our whole family!”


April 2016

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