The year that was - 2019 NDIS wrap-up

The year that was – 2019 NDIS wrap-up
January 12, 2020 Bespoke Lifestyles

2019 has been a massive year for the NDIS and people living with disabilities all across Australia. As a society, we are encountering breakthroughs like never before so we have decided to round up the biggest successes and major headlines from the year. Read our timeline below:

22 January 2019: The NDIS reached a massive milestone when, for the first time ever, a quarter of a million people were benefiting from participating in the NDIS.

15 February 2019: For the first time, 1 in 3 NDIS participants had gained access to disability supports.

15 February 2019: Applications opened for a total of $19.9M from NDIS for companies that helped Australians with disabilities to find work.

6 April 2019: 127 different disability organisations nationwide benefitted from a $15.5M investment from the NDIS.

1 July 2019: An NDIS commission officially began operating in Queensland, as well as 4 other states and territories.

10 July 2019: The future of the NDIS was secured in Queensland as they gained a full scheme agreement.

31 July 2019: The Australian government invested $19.6M into helping Australians living with disabilities fulfil their career goals.

7 August 2019: $10M was invested in the growth of the NDIS workforce.

19 August 2019: $100M in funding was injected into communities in order to help empower those living with a disability.

9 September 2019: $62M in funding was given to help people living with a disability to “lead more connected lives”.

1 October 2019: Funding was released for additional disability-related support.

17 October 2019: The NDIA Board announced their new CEO – Mr Martin Hoffman.

7 November 2019: The first-ever strategy for the employment of NDIS participants was released.

18 November 2019: NDIS plans were offered in various accessible formats, including braille, audio and e-text.

18 November 2019: A 3-year plan option was introduced for those who are unlikely to have changes in their condition from year to year.

2 December 2019: New medium-term accommodation was offered for the first time to NDIS participants.

17 December 2019: Webchat was introduced to the NDIS website in order to help people quickly access information.

At Bespoke Lifestyles, we are confident that 2020 is going to be a hugely successful year where we see more progress than ever in terms of NDIS support and funding. If you would like to start the year off right, head to our website to subscribe to our resources or if you would like to learn more about how we help, get in touch with us today!

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