August 29, 2016 Deirdre Phillips

Virtual Special Issue of RAPIDD

Access to a series of papers on Supported Decision-Making

In this virtual special issue of Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, we bring together papers about decision making support for people with intellectual disabilities that have been published in the first three issues of the journal.

Ensuring effective support for decision making is a key challenge confronting mainstream and disability services systems. It is central to the rights based foundations of the National Disability Insurance Scheme being rolled out across Australia. Though there has been much debate about legal frameworks, there is little empirical research about supported decision making models or practice.

This is unique collection includes commentaries from leading international academics about UK, Australia and Canadian schemes, reflections from the perspectives of families and research about the practice of decision making support. Our aim is to showcase the value of RAPIDD and encourage you, whatever your perspective, to write for our journal about issues that are important in improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

To read the papers go to RAPIDD.

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