What We Do

Bespoke Lifestyles

Bespoke Lifestyles has been successfully mentoring and upskilling people to self-direct and self-manage their funded supports since 2010 and will continue to do so under the NDIS.

Our Mission

is to mentor people with disability and their families and advocates to self-direct and self-manage their supports and to take control of their own lives.

Our Scope

Bespoke Lifestyles offers consultancy on a fee-for-service basis for:

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Organisations
  • Families and advocates
  • Services

Coaching and mentoring

Bespoke Lifestyles offers a range of coaching and mentoring options.

  • Supporting and training people with disability and/or their advocates to successfully self-direct and self- manage their funded supports
  • Planning – assisting people to ‘think big’ to pursue their dreams and implement their goals
  • Preparing for the NDIS and maximising the opportunity for choice and control
  • Support for lifestyle development – thinking “outside the square” to achieve a full, rich and inclusive life
  • Training support staff
  • Development of informal networks
  • Succession Planning

Call to speak with a consultant for more details.

Support for Self-Direction and Self-Management

  • Ongoing mentoring – one-on-one guidance, support and personal development
  • Workshops and training
  • Tools and proven strategies
  • Information and resources
  • Timely professional response

Call to speak with a consultant for more details.

Contact us if you:

  • believe that every person with disability has the right to full and effective participation and inclusion in society
  • are planning for the long-term sustainability of this lifestyle
  • want to direct your own life and have choice and control
  • are interested in wholly or partially managing your funding and supports
  • will develop and utilise informal supports that complement paid support
  • need information, planning assistance and skill development in some or all aspects of self-direction
  • require assistance with regular planning and reviewing to ensure the continuing realisation of your vision and plan

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